Lifetime Limited Warranty

Windows and Patio Doors are warranted by Comfort View Products as described in this certificate.

Who Is Covered By The Limited Warranty

Comfort View Products extends this limited warranty to the original purchaser of the product so long as he or she owns and resides in the home in which the products are installed. The limited warranty does not extend to any subsequent purchasers, owners or users.

What The Limited Warranty Covers And For How Long

Subject to the conditions, restrictions and limitations described elsewhere in this certificate, Comfort View extends to the original purchaser so long as he or she owns and resides in the home in which the products are installed.

Vinyl Windows and Patio Door Units. Materials in the vinyl unit, consisting of the vinyl frames, are warranted for the lifetime of the original purchaser. The warranty covers the vinyl materials from rotting, pitting, chipping, cracking, corroding, peeling, or blistering. Manufacturing defects in the frames are warranted for a period of one year from date of manufacture, which is indicated on the insulated glass interior spacer.

Hardware. The warranty covers all defects in materials and workmanship of the hardware for one year from the date of manufacture.

Insulating Glass. The sealed, insulating glass (other than specialty glass unit) is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship resulting in material obstruction in vision from film formation, moisture collection, or dust collection between the interior glass surfaces for a ten yr period from the date of manufacture. Specialty glass (tinted, obscure or decorative) is warranted against such defects for a period of five years from the date of manufacture. If a stress crack (glass fracture) is not present upon the delivery of the window to the installation site, the development of a stress crack is not a result of a manufacturing defect.

What Comfort View Will Do

Any claims for defects under this warranty should be submitted in writing to Comfort View or its authorized distributor promptly after discovery, together with proof of purchase, describing the defect claimed. Within a reasonable time Comfort View or their distributor will inspect the products. If the claim is within the warranty, Comfort View will repair or replace (at Comfort View’s option) the defective component without charge.

The limited warranty does not include cost of removing the defective product or installing a repaired or replacement product, unless the warranty claim is made within one year after date of initial purchase. You will be charged a service call fee at the prevailing rate in the area if your claim is found upon inspection not to be covered by the warranty.

Repair or replacement of glass will not extend the original warranty period, but the remaining warranty time period will continue in effect and be applicable to the replaced insulating glass under the terms and conditions of this warranty.

What The Limited Warranty Does Not Cover

Comfort View’s limited warranty is subject to the following restrictions and limitations:

  1. The window or patio door must be used for single family residential use only. The warranty does not apply to any damage caused by misuse or abuse of the product or any use other than normal residential use.
  2. This warranty covers manufacturing defects only. It does not include defects or damages attributable to external causes, such as defects caused by (a) installations, soil retention, or normal weathering; (b) accidents, fire, flood, or other Acts of God, vandalism, riot or civil disorder, misuse, or abuse; (c) harmful fumes, vapors, or chemical pollutants in the atmosphere, or use of non-approved cleaning agents; (d) mildew; (e) building settlement or structural failure of walls or foundations; (f) stresses resulting from localized heat which cause excessive temperature differentials over the glass surfaces or edges; (g) use above 6000 feet above sea level without capillary breather tubes; (h) use in an environment subject to high vibration (e.g. swimming pool), excess salinity; or other unusual conditions; or (i) any other cause or occurrence beyond Comfort View’s control..
  3. Condensation on products which occurs as the natural result of humidity within the house or building area or differences between interior and exterior temperatures does not indicate a defect in the product and is not covered by this warranty.
  4. Changes in the appearance of the hardware that are attributable to normal aging and wear do not indicate a manufacturing defect and are not covered by this limited warranty.
  5. The limited warranty does not cover any defects or difficult resulting from installation. It also does not cover any costs of removal or installation of a product or component part.
  6. This warranty is valid only if genuine Comfort View windows or patio doors are used, and is void if window or patio door accessory products not manufactured by Comfort View are installed which cause a defect to occur in the product.
  7. Surface imperfections are inherent in the product and if they are not notable within three feet of the surface and do not impact the function of the product, they are not manufacturing defects and are not covered by the warranty.
  8. Comfort View reserves the right to discontinue or change any component. If the component of the window and patio door originally installed is not available and Comfort View determines to make replacement, Comfort View may substitute a component designated by Comfort View that is of equal quality and value.
  9. Comfort View has no liability beyond repair or replacement of applicable products, and repair or replacement is your sole remedy for Comfort View’s breach of this limited warranty. Comfort View will have not liability for any loss of time, inconvenience, loss of use, personal injury, property damage, or any other incidental or consequential damage.
  10. This warranty is the only one which Comfort View makes and is in lieu of (and Comfort View expressly disclaims) any other express or implied warranty, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.
  11. No sales representative or distributor is authorized to modify this limited warranty or to extend any other warranty on Comfort View products.

State Law Rights

Some states do not allow the limitation on how long a warranty lasts or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the limitations or exclusions in paragraphs 8 and 9 may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.